Man’s Bargain With God

When God created the donkey, he said:

“As a donkey, you’ll work day and night, and you’ll carry on your back heavy baggage.

You’ll eat grass and you’ll have low IQ.

You’ll be living for 50 years.”

“But my God, 50 years is a lot of time for that kind of life! Give me only 30.” And so it happened.

Then, God created the dog:

“As a dog, you’ll guard man’s property and you’ll be his staunch/loyal friend. You’ll eat their left overs and you’ll be living for 25 years.”

“Oh, Mighty God. This kind of life is unbearable. Give me only 10 years to live, please.” And so it happened.

Then, God created the monkey:

”As a monkey, you’ll jump around, tree to tree, and you’ll act like a fool so people can be entertained by you. You life will last 20 years.”

“No, God, please! Don’t let me suffer for that long. Give me only 10 years to live.” And so it happened.

Last, God created the Man:

“You’re a Man. You’re the only sensible being on the planet earth. You’ll use your intelligence to dominate the other creatures. You’ll be in charge. Your life will last 20 years.”

“But my one and only God, 20 years is not too long to achieve my goal.

I beg you to give me the donkey’s 20 years, dog’s 15 years and monkey’s 10 years.”

And so it happen.

Since then, a man lives for 20 years as a man.

Then, he gets married and works as a donkey for 20 years by carrying heavy baggage night and day.

Then, he has children and lives as a dog, guarding the house and his property, eating family left overs.

And when he grows old, he lives like a monkey. He’s his grandchildren’s entertainer by acting like a fool!

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