Italy Puts The Prisoners To Pave Routes and Clean The Streets

According to the statements established by the government, these people should be useful for society and that is why they have decided to open a project where prisoners who have minor crimes and are not a danger to society can perform activities such as missing routes or even clean the streets.

This allows them to have a teaching about the values ​​they forgot when incurring in such crime all these changes have been from the moment that it was incorporated into the government Matteo Salvini who has promoted this type of measures that had not been seen until in times of Perez Jimenez the Venezuelan dictator who was president for many years.

At the time many criticized this type of activities that applied Perez however to see how Rome in a short time has progressed to only perform these activities with a group of 30 prisoners dressed in orange and blue work clothes has been an initiative that the opposite has resonated in all the social networks of the world as a positive activity.

In a few words if it is true that at the time it was not accepted a few years ago in another country in the current times in which we are living and the social crises that are occurring where more and more people are entering this type of prisons it is considered that this type of initiatives can achieve vindicate the moral of the person who had incurred the crime as such.

We can all make mistakes at some point in our lives and we all deserve a second chance. In the case of these people who have committed minor crimes, the justest thing is that the government of Italy allows through these activities to claim as individuals so that they can be reinserted into society in the shortest time possible and thus give the original virtue to what were pressures or prisons.

If you agree against this initiative leave it in the comments and do not forget to share this news with everyone you can know, for good or bad it is a fact that must be resounding all over the world to see if other countries give your opinion or in that case they replicate it.

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