Today we are going to talk about a very important issue and that is how we dress our girls. What appears to be a good mom today you should let them wear clothes as if your girls were adults. Wrong.

It is important to realize that all children have their stage and that if we do not respect each of these stages, we will not be able to guarantee the care and development of our children tomorrow. That is why we see those cases of adolescent girls early being pregnant with their first boyfriend.


Sarah: I’m one of those mothers who does not advocate colors and special toys, but I totally agree with the page, girls are girls and should dress as such, there is an age for everything.

Amanda: Girls have to live their. Stages, do not make women before time, that’s why it’s the clothes and hairstyles for girls, I think, that’s why my daughter dresses as a girl, so they call me old-fashioned.

Eliecer: I speak as the father of two adorable daughters: Just out of curiosity, when do you get more ice cream when you’re in a dark bag or when do you see chocolate, cream, and strawberries? The pervert will always be; but if you provoke it, it will be worse.

Victoria: Let’s see, a girl if she likes to dress like that, LEAVE IT, it’s a GIRL she’s not thinking about that kind of thing, or do you think a girl is going to dress like that to provoke? That also happens with a woman. WE’WE DRESSED FOR OURSELVES, NOT FOR OTHERS, and you “men” who think that dressing like that is to provoke them, to see them or even TOUCH them, they’re wrong, everyone can dress as they want, and there must be RESPECT. As long as I’m not naked no one has no problem, no disgust of people, now it turns out that we can not dress as we want.

We wanted to expose the comments so that people could see the reactions of their own parents regarding this issue that is so delicate. What do you think about this?

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