If We Learn How to Love Ourselves, Miracles Will Follow! Love is Truly Incredible!

Some doctors know how important love is, and no what they’re treating, they always say that patients need to learn to love themselves. Love is incredible – appreciating yourself and being grateful for the life you have is very important and will help you overcome any fear.

Some people find it hard to love themselves, which is why some doctors recommend watching yourself in the mirror and saying “I accept and love you for who you are.” This is difficult for many people – some enjoy this exercise, but others cry or get mad. Some people claim that they can’t do it. Recently, a doctor had a patient who threw the mirror to the other side of the room and tried to escape.

The simple mirror exercise can help you a lot. It will teach you how to accept who you really are and learn how to love. You can love anything – nature, animals, the universe, other people, the joy of living, life itself or the process of thinking. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong.

However, there are also ways of hating yourself – this includes self-loathing, unhealthy diet, alcohol or drug abuse and choosing not to love others. We’re afraid of paying the price for what we do, and react by causing pain to our body. Hating yourself means living in chaos, which won’t do you any good.

Lack of self-respect is another example of self-loathing. If you’re good at something, never do it for free. If you believe in yourself and your work, you should charge appropriately. Reach people like to pay big money for unique works, which adds more value to your work.

And the examples don’t stop there – if you always think that there’s something wrong with you after a date doesn’t call back or you’ve gone through a divorce, you’re not loving yourself. If you’re not making your own choices due to the fear of a mistake, you’re clearly less confident than you need to be.

Perfect babies

You were perfect as a baby – babies don’t need to do anything special to be perfect. They know that they are the center of the universe and aren’t afraid of asking for what they want. Everyone knows when babies get mad, but they know when they’re happy as well. Babies are full of love, and would die without it.

When we’re old and nearing the end, we learn how to live without love, but babies wouldn’t survive this. They love every part of their being and are incredibly brave. We were all like that once, but then we started listening the advices of grown-ups and everything went south. This is why you need to start loving yourself again – you did before, and you can do it now as well!

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