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Golden rooster

When the disease develops in a higher stage, experts of traditional Chinese medicine believe that the problem is in the misbalance between the elements of ying and yang, or that they have lost its connection and harmony between the internal organs.  

It is not easy to understand that especially of you don’t have any particular knowledge in Chinese medicine. Not everybody is interested in exploring this theory but many people want to understand if there is one simple way to regain the balance and harmony.

In the Chinese medicine collection there is one simple and very effective way which is called “Golden rooster stands on one foot”.

Making this exercise helps you to focus and get out from absentmindedness. The blood goes in the lower extremities which has a positive effect on hyperthermia, diabetes, osteoporoses, radiculitis, atrophy of the cerebellum and symptoms or other diseases.

This exercise as well it is great against headache, dizziness, ear buzzing, loosing balance. Doing this exercise on a daily basis will have positive effect on people who have problems with cold extremities.

This method cures the cause for disease and it is also perfectly strengthens the immune system of the organism. Improves the self – confidence and regenerates the emotional balance in the body.

Rooster on one foot[10-36-51]

How to do this exercise:

Close your eyes and put your arms next to your body, lift one of your legs and stand in this position for several minutes.

It is very important to keep your eyes closed all the time. In this case you sight won’t help you keep the balance but your brain will be engaged in keeping the balance between the internal organs in order to keep the overall body balance.

If you decide to try this exercise, start with several seconds for each leg and slowly increase the duration up to several minutes. This exercise is not difficult and may be done every morning after waking up.

It is very hard to overestimate this exercise because not only that helps in preventing serious diseases but also has positive effect on current diseases.

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