Here’s How To Eliminate Skin Tags, Moles, Warts And Age Spots Completely Naturally

Being the largest organ in our bodies and an external one at that, the skin is constantly affected by different factors, which include weather effects, various irritants, and pollutions. Another issue is that the skin care products we constantly use are doing more harm than good and they can easily make our skin dry, as well as damaged.

Moreover, hormonal imbalance, stress, and eating some poor diet may make the skin look bad, and even cause an appearance of blackheads, skin tags, warts, age spots, moles and other issues.

However, the good news is that these problems are treatable in a natural way. You should not spend a lot of money on expensive treatments, as well as products, and keep your skin smooth, soft and clean.

Keep reading in order to see what the best remedies against some of those issues are:

1. Skin tags

These are tiny benign growths which often appear on the chest, eyelids, neck, and underarms, as a result of skin frictions. A lot of people remove them with a surgery, but there are a lot of non-invasive treatments that you should try first. These are some of the best:

• Castor oil and baking soda

A paste made of these two ingredients can be rubbed onto the tags in order to make them disappear. You should secure with a bandage and let it to work for several days. After that, repeat the process once again.

• Apple cider vinegar or ACV

You should soak a cotton pat in apple cider vinegar and rub the skin tag with it. You should repeat this process regularly and then the tag is going to dry out and fall off.

• Tea tree oil

The tea tree oil works wonders on the skin and it may eliminate different skin problems, which include skin tags too. You just have to dab a cotton ball previously soaked in the same oil on the tags, and secure with bandage.

Leave it on for about a couple of hours, and regularly use this process as it is going to eliminate the tags in under a month.

• Ginger

You should cut a small piece of ginger and after that rub it against the skin tags on a daily basis for about two weeks in order to make them fall off.

2. Moles

We all know that moles are brought on by either genetics or also by excessive exposure to sun, and they can be removed with some of the following natural remedies:

• Castor oil and baking soda

Making a paste of these two ingredients will be an excellent solution against moles and skin tags. You should simply apply the paste on the moles, cover with a bandage, and leave it to overnight. After that, rinse with water, and repeat this process once again.

• Garlic

You should take one garlic clove and cut it in half. Rub the half on the moles, cover with a bandage, and let it work for several hours. You should utilize garlic on the moles on a daily basis and they are going to disappear soon.

• Apple cider vinegar or ACV

You should soak a cotton pad in this liquid and dab it on the mole. Then, put a bandage over it and leave it to work for at least eight hours. You should repeat this process everyday until the mole completely disappears.

3. Warts

The warts are often caused by the HPV virus and are either treated cryogenically or also with salicylic acid. But, the following remedies may also be helpful:

• Honey

You should rub a bit of honey on the warts before you go to bed, cover with a bandage and let the nectar work during the night, in order to eliminate them really quickly.

• Banana

You should rub a banana peel on the wars every day in order to destroy them in only 2 weeks.

• Garlic

You should crush a garlic clove and then rub it on the warts before you go to bed every night for about two weeks period in order to get rid of them.

• Apple cider vinegar or ACV

Once again, you should use ACV for warts too. You should soak a cotton pad in the liquid and then put it on the warts. Secure this with a bandage and leave it overnight. This is supposed to remove the wars in just several weeks.

4. Age spots

The age spots, just like the name itself suggests, are often caused by the process of aging, but they may be caused by liver problems or excessive exposure on sun too. Here are some natural ways of getting rid of them:

• Onions

You should mash a few onions and then rub the juice on the age spots for about ten minutes. After that, wash it off with water and utilize this process on a daily for best results.

• Lemon juice

You should apply a bit of lemon juice on the age spots several times on a daily basis to reduce their appearance quickly.

• Horseradish

You should mix a bit of grated horseradish with some apple cider vinegar, and then utilize the mixture on your age spots daily in order to eliminate them quickly.

• Aloe Vera gel

You should apply fresh Aloe Vera gel on the age spots and leave it to work for about half an hour or so. Then, rinse it with water and repeat this process several times during one day.

5. Clogged pores

Facial pores may usually get clogged because of the dirt and oil that may cause a lot of issues. These are some of the ways in which you may unclog them and keep the skin smooth and clean:

• Steaming

This is definitely the simplest way of unclogging the pores. You just have to lean over a pot of boiling water and let the steam hit your face, in order to clean all the debris from the skin.

• Lemon juice and sugar scrub

You should mix lemon juice and sugar, and utilize the scrub on the face in order to clean the pores in a natural way.

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