Have You Been Smoking For Longer Than 5 Years? This Homemade Recipe Will Save Your Lungs


If you still can’t give up smoking, use the benefits of this natural remedy to prevent the awful smoker’s cough.

If you’ve been smoking for longer than 5 years, you probably suffer from bronchitis accompanied by a smoker’s cough. Traditional medicine offers a simple solution for this issue, although the best solution would be to quit smoking.

The cough remedy is simple. It includes onion, water, brown sugar, turmeric and ginger.

The recipe:

400 g onion

1 liter of water

400 g brown sugar

Two teaspoons turmeric

One small, grated ginger root


Pour the water in a bowl and add the brown sugar, and bring the water to boil. Then add the peeled onion cut in 4 pieces, and then the grated ginger root. Add the turmeric. When the mixture begins to boil, lower the temperature. When the mixture in the bowl reduces its size by half, turn the temperature off. Wait for the mixture to cool down and put it in a glass jar. Leave it for an hour or two at room temperature, and then put it in the refrigerator.



Take two spoons in the morning on an empty stomach, and again in the evenings, two hours after dinner.

Source: http://www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com

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