4 DIY Oral Hygiene Products to Get Rid of Plaque Buildups

We all want that Hollywood smile. But, oral health is much more than that. You can’t have pearly white teeth if you don’t pay attention to your oral health. Good oral hygiene will help you prevent gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay.

Scientists have confirmed the link between oral health and serious health issues. Here’s what they found:

– A 2019 research conducted at the New York University confirmed that gum inflammation may lead to Alzheimer’s disease

– Researchers at Harvard University found that gum disease can also lead to pancreatic cancer

– Oral hygiene is also related to heart disease

The formation of plaque

Bacteria binds with food byproducts and protein. Plaque coats your teeth and even glues to the dental fillings.

Hard plaque turns into tartar which may develop into gum disease and inflammation. Inflamed gums or gingivitis can be treated effectively if you are dealing with a mild form of the condition.

Tartar is a result of poor oral hygiene. If you have this in your mouth, it’s time to pay more attention to your oral health.

How to get rid of it?

Here are some nice recommendations from the American Dental Association (ADA):

– Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day.

– Use high-quality toothpaste and soft toothbrush. Battery-operated and electric toothbrushes work better than regular toothbrushes when it comes to eliminating plaque and treating mild gum disease.

– Good technique is also important. You should hold the toothbrush at a slight angle, in the direction of the meeting point of your teeth and gum line. Brush any chewing surfaces, your teeth and tongue.

– Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly, and keep it in an upright position. Don’t cover it with anything because it may create perfect conditions for the development of bacteria.

– Buy a new brush every 3-4 months.

– Don’t forget to floss

Natural remedies

You can also relieve your problem using natural products. Believe it or not, you can make your own mouthwash and toothpaste. In this way you won’t use too much alcohol and chemicals.

Make your own mouthwash and toothpaste

We give you four recipes, and they all use cheap and available ingredients:

1. Mouthwash

You will need anise, mint oil, lemon and some water.

Combine the ingredients in a glass, and rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day.

2. Mouthwash for plaque buildups

You will need ½ cup rosemary, 1 cup fresh mint and 2 cups of water.

Bring the water to a boil, and add in your herbs. Steep for 15 minutes and strain. Let it cool, and rinse your mouth with the liquid.

3. Toothpaste for plaque buildups

You will need 7 tablespoons of coconut oil, 7 tablespoons of baking soda, essential oil and one and a half tablespoon of stevia. When it comes to essential oils, use tea tree or clove oil.

A 2014 study found that essential oils prevent plaque buildups and also work in those with dental implants. Essential oils can also destroy dangerous bacteria.

Combine the ingredients into a paste, and use this on your teeth every day.

4. Oil pulling

All you need is some coconut oil.

Oil pulling destroys bacteria, cleans mouth, prevents cavities and whitens teeth. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Oil pulling is great for your oral health.


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