Good To Know: These 10 Things Happen When You Consume 4 Ounces Of Celery!

Quite used to flavor our meals, even for the preparation of green juices, celery is a great ally when it comes to providing health.

When you see what happens 30 minutes after being ingested, you will never exclude it from your diet . NATURAL HEALING MAGAZINE!  In addition, thanks to the medicinal properties that it possesses, you will be protected against intestinal, cardiovascular diseases, anemia and cancer.

This is what happens when we consume 4 ounces of celery

After 30 to 40 minutes of consuming 4 ounces of celery, this is what happens to your body :

  • Helps control blood glucose in diabetics and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • You will relax because it blocks the activity of the production of the enzyme catecholamines, which are considered to be “hormones of tension or stress”.
  • The organism is remineralized because it has potassium and sodium, and it has been considered the vegetable that provides the most doses of iron, silicon, manganese, aluminum, zinc, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, copper and phosphorus.
  • The correct functioning of the nervous and muscular system is increased, it also improves the bioelectric system of each of the cells of our body.
  • Eliminate excess fluid while maintaining the proper balance of minerals.
  • Acquire the nutrients that serve to eliminate gallstones and kidney stones.
  • Apigenin is obtained, which is an antispasmodic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and inhibited uric acid formation flavonoid.
  • Fibers are received that serve to improve intestinal and digestive transit, prevent constipation and dyspepsia, and incidentally serve to reduce weight.
  • By acquiring a significant amount of antioxidant flavonoids, our body protects itself against 27 types of cancer cells and reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy in the spinal cord and in the heart.
  • The body receives a dose of phthalides, which relax the smooth muscles of our blood vessels, expanding their diameter, thus improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and protecting the heart.

Now that you know the benefits of celery and you want to eat foods that help you lose weight, providing the nutrients your body needs, this is a great option.

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