Friends Come And Go Like Waves Of The Ocean

How many friends do you have? Do you still hang out with your childhood friends? Did you meet your friends in college?  We meet a lot of people every day. Some stay and become our best friends while others leave like they weren’t even part of our life.

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to recognize your true friends.

1. Real friends always have time for you

You all have a schedule you stick to. You probably have a job and a family to take care of. However, you always find time for your friends. That’s what makes you a real friend.

If your friends don’t have enough time for you or always find an excuse to cancel your plans, you need to find new friends. Simple as that. Real friends will love you and respect everything you do, regardless of your wealth or family. are you a top priority? If the answer is no, move on.

2. Real friends will tell you if you are full of it

Real friends will always warn you. They are here to check up on you all the time. They won’t let you do anything stupid. Have a problem? Your friends are here to help you solve it.

Your friends will call you on your mistakes when if necessary. It’s nothing personal. They are just taking care of you. Pay more attention to their advice. You will need it.

3. Real friends like you

Real friends won’t ignore you or cross the street when they see you wearing those silly shoes. Moreover, they will be proud of your style and the ability to combine things that don’t match. That’s what makes them real friends.

A real friend will never be embarrassed by your words, looks or whatever you do. If you are able to be you all the time, congratulations, you have found some really good friends.

Keep in mind that your friends won’t let you go too far with being yourself. You may not be aware of the red line, but your friends are here to warn you about it.

It’s really hard to find real friends. There are people who don’t have any friends at all. Living in this big world without anyone by your side is so sad. There are so many things you’d gladly share, right? That’s what friends do. Listen to you, give you advice or warn you about your mistakes.

Meet new people and don’t run away from those who wish you the best. Spend more time with those who take care of you and call you to see if everything is fine.

Don’t settle for anything less than that. There’s nothing worse than fake friends who talk behind your back. What’s even worse, these people won’t even pick up the phone when you are in trouble.


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