France Has Banned Children Under 15 To Use Their Smartphones In School

The usage of smartphones has become incredibly popular nowadays. You can do numerous things on these devices– play games, text friends, browse websites, watch videos, take photos, and soon.

Smartphones are especially popular among children and teenagers. As a result, many teachers across the world face problems during classes due to the overuse of these devices among students. Therefore, France has banned children under the age of 15 to use their smartphones in classes. This ban also includes smartwatches and tablets.

As reported by the Associated Press, students are supposed to turn their phones off and keep them in their lockers. However, this ban doesn’t apply to disabled students

According to the French Education Minister, we should prevent students from becoming addicted to their smartphones because it may affect their lives in general. The ban will also prevent them from becoming too distracted, which could affect their performance at school, and it will also contribute to improving discipline in schools.

The Minister has also added that although technologies are constantly improving, we shouldn’t accept all their use

In addition, the ban conveys a public health message as well. According to the experts, children under the age of 7 shouldn’t use their smartphones too often because it may cause serious health issues later in their lives. Here are some of them:

  • Insomnia
  • Addiction
  • Obesity Decreased attention and concentration
  • Disturbed overall brain activity
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Eye and vision health issues
  • Higher risk of tumors due to the mobile phone radiation
  • Affected child-parent relationship

Experts suggest that adults should limit their usage of smartphones as well. Namely, the recent reports show that the number of people injured by their smartphones is increasing. Almost 80% of all injuries are caused due to a fall while using a smartphone. It may include texting while driving or walking and talking on the phone at the same time.


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