Fermented Beets Fight Cancer, Support Heart Health & Boost Your Immune System (Recipes Included)

We all know beets are popular, but did you know that fermented beets can do just as much, if not more for your health? It is true, fermented beets, although not used as much, find their place in both alternative medicine and the culinary world.

Due to its number of benefits, fermented beets are able to fight countless health diseases, including cancer. One of the reasons fermented beets top regular or raw beets is the sugar levels in the two. While raw beets often contain more (natural) sugar, fermented beets are stripped off it, and offer a handful of favorable nutrients instead.

As a comparison, let’s get into the benefits of raw vs. fermented beet below.

What are the Health Benefits of Raw Beetroot?

  1. Beets Stimulate the ImmunityRegular or raw beets are great for maintaining the perfect immune system health. Raw beets are packed with vitamin C and B, magnesium, manganese, fiber and potassium content, which all of which directly affects the immunity in a beneficial manner.
  2. Beets Balance the Blood PressureBeets, juiced or not, are not only yummy but also affect the blood pressure levels. Nutrients found in beets are turned into nitric oxide. As such, nitric oxide allows the blood vessels to do their job more coherently, and improve the circulation and prevent hypertension.
  3. Beets Protect Against CancerThis is stated due to the various studies done on animals, where beetroot juice has shown positive results and reduced the formation of the tumor. This is thanks to the potent phytonutrients, which are responsible for the color of the beets as well as the anti-cancerous properties.
  4. Beets Detoxify the BodyTo fully cleanse your organism of toxins and free radicals, make raw beets part of your everyday menu. As a natural cleanser, beets mostly impacts the liver and blood flow, encouraging them both to perform better.
  5. Beets Deliver Anti-Inflammatory QualitiesAlong with its cleansing properties, beets offer loads of anti-inflammatory benefits as well. As it is packed with betaine, beets preserve the protein levels in the body, along with the cells and enzymes necessary for a proper body performance.
  6. Beets increase your strengthAs a result of nutrients being transformed into nitric oxidate, beets offer more stamina and physical endurance. At the same time, beets increase the mental strength as well. Because of these properties, beetroot juice is highly recommended for athletes and physically engaged individuals.

What are the Benefits of Fermented Beets?

Fermented beets, or otherwise known as kvass, was first discovered in Russia, Ukraine,and the area. One of the reasons why fermented beets are beneficial is because they still maintain the nutritional value of raw beets, minus the sugar.

The most important benefits of beet kvass are, as follow:

  • Immune system boost
  • Body and blood cleanse
  • Elimination of toxins and free radicals
  • Encouraging the work of the digestive tract
  • Acts as a genuine probiotic
  • Dissolves kidney stones
  • Treats allergies
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Protects the body against cancer

Make Your Own Beet Kvass and Enjoy Its Benefits

If you have never worked with fermented beets, here is a recipe to help you harvest the benefits of this incredible vegetable.


  • 2 raw, organic beetroots
  • Sparkling or filtered water
  • 3 tbsp. pickle or sauerkraut juice
  • -½ tsp. Himalayan salt (optional)


The best way to treat organic beets is leave them with their skin on. In such a way, you avoid bacteria from affecting the beets during its fermentation. In addition, the water you use should first boil, then cool off and then be added to the beets.

Place the beets in a jar and fill 1/3 of it with water. Add the sauerkraut and pickle juice, and the seasoning. Don’t fill the jar to the top, so you can shake the mix well before it is left to ferment.

The jar should be placed at a room temperature for about seven days.

You will know your beet kvass is ready once you notice bubbles inside the jar.

Source: www.dietoflife.com

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