FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

The FDA spent years trying to hide the issue, hoping that no one would go further with the subject. However, they finally admitted that the chicken sold all over the United States contains a toxic chemical called arsenic, known to cause cancer, and in high doses it is fatal.

What is even more horrible is the story explaining how does the chemical get in the chicken: It is added to their feed. Actually, chickens are fed with it purposely!

The FDA confirmed that in their own research they found that the arsenic in the chicken feed really finishes in the meat that is later consumed by people. More precisely, in the last 60 years all the Americans that consumed conventional chicken have actually been consuming this cancer-causing chemical called arsenic!

After all those dark years of denial,the latest study brought light that arsenic actually ends up in the meat because it is being added to the chicken feed. We have to mention that both the FDA and the poultry industry denied this fact.

For sixty years we have been believing in the fairy tale that “the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces.” It is just a vain story presented by the poultry industry, and it was never backed up with scientific evidence. And we had to believe in it.

Some manufacturers, including the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone,now that the world knows this undeniable evidence, has decided to withdraw all of their products off the supermarket shelves.

Interesting fact is that, the manufacturer that is adding the arsenic into the chicken feed is Pfizer. This is the same company that produces vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are later used to inject children.

The company producing the Roxarsone chicken feed is called Alpharma LLC, and it is actually a subsidiary of Pfizer. Alpharma now decided to withdraw their products from the shelves all over the US, and they also saidthat there is no need to necessarily withdrawtheir products in other countries unless the regulators say otherwise. AP reported that:

“Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division, Scott Brown said that the company is also selling the ingredient in many other countries. He also said that Pfizer is contactingthe regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide if they are going to sell it on an individual basis.”

The FDA still denies these facts,even though the arsenic-containing products are pulled off the shelves, they claim that the chicken is safe for consumption as the arsenic in the meat is at a low level. It seems like thereis not going to be any changes regarding this subject, even though the FDA stated that the arsenic is a carcinogenous substance, which means that it increases the risk of cancer.

Even the National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. As a response to the decision that Roxarsone’s products must be withdrawn from the shelves,in a statement they said, “The chicken is safe for consumption,” despite admitting the fact that the chemical is added in the chicken feed and the meat is later sold all over the United States.

We are shocked that the FDA still tells the consumers that it is safe to eat the arsenic-loaded chicken but it is dangerous to drink elderberry juice! The FDA recently conducted an armed raid and accused an elderberry juice manufacturer of the “crime” of selling “unapproved drugs”.

And what kind of drug would that be? The elderberry juice, explained the agency. The elderberry juice is considered as a “drug”, as you can see, at the very moment you tell people how it can improve their overall health.

Dozens of other manufacturers were also attacked by the FDA,for selling natural nutritional products or herbal products with a scientific back up that proves their ability to support and enhance health. The agency goes that far to say that even raw milk is dangerous. In other words, the food and drug regulatory agency in America says that it is dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk, but approves the consumption of arsenic.

Source : naturalcuresnotmedicine.com

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