This Bank Daily Will Put 86.400 $ On Your Bank Account If You Follow Two Simple Rules

Imagine that every morning when you wake up, one bank deposits on you bank-account 86.400 dollars.

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Here is what are the rules of this bank:

First rule says: If you didn’t manage to spend the money during the day than it will be taken from you in the evening. You are not allowed to cheat or transfer the money on another account. You have the right to spend it exclusively in that day and don’t forget that every morning when you wake up the bank deposits on your account new 86.400 dollars for the day and so on.

The second rule says: The bank may stop the game without any warning! At any time it may announce that everything is over and that the account is permanently closed.

Probably all of you will spend most of the money on entertainment and shopping present for you and the people you love. Maybe you will give it on to those who don’t deserve it just in order the bank no to take the money. You will try to buy happiness and pleasure with the dollars.

So where is that bank?

That magic bank is put to service to all of us. It is called TIME.

Every morning when we wake up, our life bank opens us a credit of 86.400 seconds of life before going to bed. Everything that we fail to experience that day – is lost forever. Yesterday is forever gone and every following morning the magic repeats. So don’t forget the inevitable rule that the bank may close your account every minute without warning. Your life may end at any point.

What do you do with your 86.400 seconds in the day?

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