Effective Home Remedies For Hiccups

This repetitive thing can’t be controlled and it repeats several times in a minute. If this lasts longer than a day in that case you will need medical health and in other case you may stop it with the help of small tricks and many folk medicine.


Hiccup happens when the stomach is full and this happens when we swallow air after consuming too hot or cold food and drinks, eat very spicy food, exaggerate with food, too much alcohol and fizzy drinks.

Sudden change in body temperature for example after showering with cold water also causes bloating and hiccup. Excitement, stress, laugh, cry, shouting and other intensive emotions often are triggers for hiccup.

Small tricks

Most well known tricks for stopping hiccup are based on two principles. One of them is stimulation of the vagus nerve (it manages the soft palate, pharynx and larynx) with something in order for it to signalize the brain to stop with hiccup. Other trick is based on the fact that high concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood stops hiccup (for example this is the reason why you hold your breath).

The most famous folk medicine:

– Eat a tbsp of sugar or cocoa powder.

– Eat a tbsp of equal amounts of black mustard and butter.

– Chop five to six green cardamom, boil them in two cups of water, and when half of the liquid evaporates, strain and drink hot tea.

– Eat something sour, lemon or orange, drink a spoon of vinegar.

– Mix two spoons salt and half cup yogurt and drink it slowly.

– Suck ginger root.

– Put a tbsp of peanut butter in your mouth and keep it for ten seconds and then swallow without chewing.

– Eat chilly chips.

– Take one glass of warm water, mix a spoon of honey and drink.

Tea against hiccup

Fennel is one of the best medicine against hiccup. You may chew one teaspoon of this herb or prepare tea from four tbsp of the fruit or two tbsp of chopped fresh or dry herb with 2.5 dl boiling water. After this you should leave the tea with a cover for 3-5 min, strain and consume unsweetened.

Anise tea will also stop hiccup and it is made with one teaspoon of seeds in 2 dl boiling water. After 10 min strain the tea and consume it unsweetened.

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