Dr. Hulda Clark – A Revolutionary Doctor Who Cured Over 20 000 People From Cancer .Discover How!


The American doctor Hulda Regehr Clark came to important discoveries in the second part of the last century, which set a new direction in the development of medicine.

Dr. Clark (1928-2009) was physiologist, biophysicist, naturopath and author of eight books on alternative medicine, including six on the subject of cancer.

She graduated at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, where she studied medicine.

She continued her studies at McGill University and the University of Minnesota, where she studied biophysics and cell physiology.

In 1979, Dr. Clark began her own research. A few years later, she received a degree in Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural Health.

Her research of human diseases, particularly cancer, became more focused on the harmful factors for human health: parasites, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, solvents, and radioactivity.

She tried to find a cure in herbs, essential oils, orthomolecular and frequent therapy, and she considered dental health to be of particular importance.

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All diseases come from parasites and pollution of the organism
She observed several people who had the same disease and found out that every disease is linked to a specific parasite, which she detected with the help of her own invention – the syncrometer, a device for detecting parasites.

Her most significant discovery was the realization that direct electrical activity kills bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Hulda Clark’s crucial steps for healing:

  1. Kill the parasites – with electricity or herbal treatment
  2. Remove toxins from the body
  3. Get rid of gallstones by cleansing your liver
  4. Remove kidney stones by cleansing your kidney

If you do, your immune system will start functioning properly again.

Hulda Clark’s inventions

In 1988 she invented the syncrometer. It is a device that allows a quick and correct detection of microorganisms and toxic substances in people and animals. The syncrometer works on the principle of matching frequency. Everything in our universe has its own frequency (a range of frequencies, to be more correct). By using frequencies, we can detect the presence of parasites, viruses and bacteria in the body.

In 1944, she discovered the Zapper. It is a simple device that kills parasites in the human body with a low voltage, low current and a specified frequency.

Its advantage is in killing pathogens and reactivating the immune system without adjusting the frequency of different kinds of parasites.

She also invented a Tooth Zappicator that kills bacteria in the mouth.

She also created plate zapping – a technique that passes through the fat cells and cleans the targeted organ.

“Zapping” is in no way harmful to human health, and it is a part of conventional medicine in Russia.

With these inventions, Dr. Clark was able to find and destroy pathogens. Her genuine desire to help people can be seen in her books where she gives instructions on building your own Zapper and syncrometer at home.

Three herbs against parasites
As a fan of the medical treatments used by Native American, Dr. Clark often observed their methods in treating their ailments.

She found three plants that together kill more than a hundred species of parasites – black walnut, wormwood and cloves.

She created her world-famous anti-parasite program, which cured thousands of people from cancer and other diseases.

She also developed a treatment for cleansing the kidneys and the liver, which she considered to be extremely important.
Diseases are the result of a “chain of causes”

In her book, Dr. Clark mentioned that we “wrongly believe that there is one cause for each disease.”

In fact, many diseases are a result of a “chain of causes”.

Laboratory tests always look for a single cause, and the problem is that we are bombarded with many causes at once.
That is why her protocol uses multiple treatments at the same time – to break the many causes of a disease.

During her life, Hulda Clark cured over 20 000 people from cancer and other serious diseases. You can read the testimonials here: http://www.drclark.net/en/testimonials

Hulda Clark’s books

In 1993 Dr. Clark published her most famous book Cure for All Cancers, in which she explained the connection between cancer and the parasite Fasciolopsis Buski.

This parasite was present in each person suffering from cancer. Conversely, when the parasite was removed, the cancer soon disappeared.

The book explains how to get rid of toxins and how to avoid them, how to build a syncrometer and a zapper, and how to use them for diagnosis and treatment.

Many people thank Dr. Clark for saving their lives.

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