Do You Use Headphones For Listening To Music? Maybe You Should Think About The Alternatives – Find More About Their Disadvantages.

Do you use headphones for listening to music? Maybe you should think about the alternatives – find more about their disadvantages.


These days for listening to music via mp3 player or our phone we use earbud headphones because the standard ones are too big and often very expensive. However, earbuds for sure are not our best choice. Moreover, if you decide to keep them than you should learn to use them properly in order to protect your ears and hearing.


Researches showed that these earbuds are main cause of weaker hearing in children and teenagers. All of us have some small hairs in our ears which are called cochlea and are used to make sure that the sound gently passes up to our brain. Too loud sound damages those hairs and during time the hearing is weaker and weaker and due to mistakes in our youth we can become deaf and we will be derivate from all the marvelous music we loved to hear while young and the one which is about to be created.

Earbuds decrease the possibility to “soften” the sound and it is harder to control the strength as in the case with standard quality headphones. Such direct flow of sound in your ears may damage the eardrums. If you put the sound on 75% (that is around 85  decibels) after some period your hearing will be significantly long –  term damaged. Also many claim that the sound has better quality when you listen to music on quality regular headphones.

Some people have experienced problems with ear blocking and infections. Many doctors say that earwax accumulation and ear diseases are in fact provoked by the often usage of earbuds.

What you should be careful about

If you hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears or some distant sound there is a possibility that you already have partly damaged your hearing. You should visit your doctor in case there is blocking of the ear channel or accumulation of earwax.

Earbuds won’t be dangerous if you stick to some rules. You should watch the sound volume is the thing that is true for all kinds of headphones and it is also true for earbugs. Always keep it under 60% and make a break after every hour. You shouldn’t keep any headphones on your ears longer than 60 minutes. Some headphones have built in limits, noise blockers. Those who use iPod can download Apple sound limitation.

When earbuds come in question, it is really important to maintain hygiene. It is not recommendable to share your earbuds because in that way you may transfer some bacteria and infections. Also it is recommended to clean them regularly – use cotton with a bit of alcohol or some disinfection product.

What kind of headphones you use? Did you know how harmful earbud headphones were dangerous? Have you already experienced some problems with them?


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