Confirmed by Scientists: Babysitting your grandchildren improves your life expectancy!

The old saying that states “Grandkids are god’s gift for not killing your children,” isn’t usually taken so seriously but what we can all agree on is that being a grandparent is an incredible experience and fills your heart with warmth and happiness.

The natural love that you have for your children is the same or even stronger towards your grandchildren. Being in their lives and seeing them grow to resemble your very own children is both heart-warming and exciting.

What’s interesting is that there is a report published by Evolution and Human Behavior which states that babysitting grandkids can in fact lead to a longer life!

Babysitting your grandkids can increase your life span!

500 participants took part in the scientific study. All of the participants were over 70 years old. It was concluded and found that those who took care of a child has a lower risk of death for 20 years in comparison to those who did not care for their grandchildren. In short, babysitting your grand children can increase your lifespan!

Although it is important to note that the study did not include those who had primary care but was only limited to those who babysat regularly.

According to Dr Ronan Factora “there is a link between taking care of someone and reducing our overall stress levels.”

Dr Ronan also places emphasis on other aspects such as being healthy and physically active which are critical for achieving a longer and happier life.

Being happy heals your body!

Although you may be retied, having responsibilities remains to be important and contributes to our happiness. To maintain these fillings, babysitting is the ideal way.

It’s not so surprising as children bring happiness and warmth to those who are going through their most stressful days.

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