Everyone loves potato chips – their crispy and salty texture is a favorite for parties and big events, which makes them the best snack in the world. However, if we all knew what they contain, we wouldn’t be eating them, let alone give them to our children. Today we’re going to show you how one brand of popular chips can be dangerous to your health.

Pringles is the most popular brand of chips in the west. It comes in different shapes and flavors and is a favorite of millions. However, you’ll be surprised to know that this popular product is full of toxic and carcinogenic substances that can have serious consequences on your health!

Here’s how it is prepared:

In the first phase of production, a machine binds together rice, wheat, maize and potato flakes in a mushy, dough-like mixture. This mixture then passes through a conveyor belt on sheets and is pressed into molds moved by boiling oil. This is the famous frying process that makes the chips crispy. Afterwards, they are blown dry and the last phase includes spraying with powdered flavors packaged in cans.

How are Pringles carcinogenic?

The frying process produces numerous toxic compounds which have been listed as carcinogenic. According to one study from 2007, frying the dough in high temperatures produces 800 components of which 52 are potentially carcinogenic. The most dangerous compound found in Pringles is acrylamide, a powerful neurotoxin that is released when frying foods rich in starch such as potatoes. Acrylamide has been related to infertility, malformations in children and several types of cancer. The compound is also dangerous to the nervous system to the human and animal nervous system, and higher doses can even be fatal!

All foods or products cooked at temperatures over 100C may contain acrylamide, and potato chips such as Pringles are the worst. Due to the potential health hazard, the State of California sued potato chips makers by not warning their customers about the health risk of ingesting acrylamide. Now that you know how dangerous it is, we’re sure you’ll stay away from Pringles and similar potato chips brands.


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