Confession: I Cured Diabetes With 11 Day Starvation Diet


Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed to a 59-year-old Richard Doughty during a routine check. This changed his life entirely and he focused on searching for the cure.

“I always considered myself to be a healthy person and I had never any serious diseases or problems. I was 5ft 7in and 10st 7lb which is a normal weight for my age, my family had no history of diabetes, I always maintained a healthy diet and exercised, so this shocked me”, – starts the confession Richard.

“I couldn’t imagine my life from now on because didn’t want to limit my diet and life. I started searching the internet for the best and fastest cures and I found this 800 calorie diet which guaranteed the cure”, – continued his story Richard.

This diet is known as “Professor’s Roy Taylor diet” and recommends shakes instead of meals, 200 calories from green vegetables and 3 l of water a day.

This diet solves the main problem which causes diabetes and that is clogging the liver and pancreas which links to insulin insensitivity and uncontrolled level of blood sugar.

Professor Taylor claims that this diet is made to starve the body so it starts using the fat stored in it and especially burn the fat around the most crucial organs. Once the fat is burned around the pancreas and the liver, they return to its normal work and the levels of insulin and blood sugar return to normal.

Richard was determined to follow this 11 day diet and get rid of diabetes.

This type of diet was also followed by Londoner Mr Doughty, news reporter, and he claims that this was the most positive experience in his life.

“I was determined to lose weight and bring back my life. Surviving on low fat diet without any artificial sugar was real pain for me. Shakes, soups and vegetables weren’t my favorite meal by I had to do it. I stuck to this diet and now I can tell for sure that for the past year I keep the normal non-diabetic level of blood sugar and I am very happy”, – tells in his confession Mr Doughty.

Professor Tyler is happy that he can help the people suffering from this disease which limits all possibilities. He is sure that any condition can be reversed and so is the case with diabetes.

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