Blood Test Discovers any Type of Cancer Ten Years Before Manifest

Scientists have invented a simple blood test that can identify different types of cancer up to 10 years before it develops! The “liquid biopsy” method can analyze your DNA extensively and search for signs of future potential tumors. The procedure is still being developed at Sloan Kettering Memorial in the USA, and according to Daily Mail, it has been tested on more than 160 patients suffering from breast, prostate or lung cancer.

The test can detect cancer in 90% of the cases. However, it’s not that accurate for pancreatic cancer, where it is accurate in 55% of the cases. However, the revolutionary method is still one of the best ways of discovering cancer on time.

The so-called liquid biopsy can identify any type of tumor in the body. The system analyzes complex DNA processes and searches for potential tumors and cancer cells. Scientists are hoping that the development of the project will go well and think that it could be used as part of routine examinations in the future, such as blood cholesterol tests.

Experts think that the test holds great potential and may save thousands of lives in the future. Grail, a company supported by billionaires such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, aims to carry out the first public tests by 2019.


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