Baba Vanga’s terrifying prophecy about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The psychic would have warned of a major war at the hands of Russia.

Following the wave of concern over Russia’s taking up arms against Ukraine , the fact has become a topic of worldwide interest and even, years ago, different prophets, including slime vanga they would have predicted a war in Europe at the hands of Russia.

Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, better known as Baba Vanga, has been famous for her predictions such as the attacks on the September 11 in New York, the conformation of Brexit, deaths of politicians and great catastrophes in the world.

Those who believe in her, and in the current context, have brought to light a terrifying prophecy that the Bulgarian launched about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine.
Baba Vanga would have announced a war started by “Russian extremists” in order to take over the world.

“Everything will melt, like ice, only one will remain intact: the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia. No one can stop Russia. Everyone will be removed by her from the path and not only will they be saved from her, but he will also become the lord of the world, ”said the seer.

Decades ago, the woman would have mentioned the man named Vladimir, coincidentally, the name of the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who has decided to carry out the first bombings of Ukraine.

Although the renowned seer died at the age of 85, on August 11, 1996, her faithful followers continue to believe in her power , according to them, her clairvoyances were possible thanks to the presence of invisible creatures that informed her about people and their lives. .

Baba Vanga and her successful premonitions transcended borders and have been recognized on the planet for years. There are many who have tried to interpret his messages and “translate” them to society.