76 Year-Old Grandma Slammed For Not Dressing Her Age – Her Response Shuts Trolls Up

Everyone in the world says, “Age is just a number.” However, this notion does not appear to be shared by everyone.

When this 76-year-old grandma expressed her sense of style, she was met with harsh criticism.

She, on the other hand, did not hold back. Continue reading to find out more about what occurred!

76-Year-Old Candace Leslie Cima has many identities. Having children and rearing grandkids are both examples of this. But she is also a model, an artist, and an entrepreneur. The senior, who lives in Buffalo, New York, maintains a blog called “Life in My 70s: Aging Is Changing.”

On her blog, she advises other women on lifestyle and fashion, as well as how to accept changes in themselves as they become older. Cima admits she has long been fascinated with aging. She first noticed symptoms in her 20s and 30s. She has been the owner of a senior living complex for some years. She is acquainted with older adults from a variety of backgrounds.

The one thing I know for sure is that aging is changing, Cima has determined from her extensive experience working with the elderly. Our mothers and grandmothers are not us. We now have the chance to live out our latter years as successful, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and fashionable ladies.

She also has a TikTok account where she shows off her lifestyle and fashion choices to her over 100,000 followers. She has a lot of followers, but she also has trolls who don’t like the clothing she wears.

She regularly dresses up; in one video, she was wearing light blue slacks, a white short-sleeved top, and heels. According to the video’s subtitles, she usually receives comments that she shouldn’t wear this since she is “60 years old,” but she doesn’t appear to notice and instead discloses that she was really 75 at the time!

She shared a video of herself walking near to a pool while on vacation in Florida. She wore a chic one-piece black bikini. People admired her beauty in the comments section.

She started her TikTok account to encourage other women to accept the good implications of aging and embrace its beauty.


Fashion is for everyone! Reinventing yourself as you age isn’t changing who you are, it just means finding things that work with who you are now. #aginggracefully #aging #aginggracefullyover50

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She frequently emphasizes the benefits of getting older and how it improves you as a person on her blog. Being less anxious as she gets older is something she personally appreciates; among her favorite things are learning new things and being fearless. She advises women that getting older might actually be a good thing. Many older women lead active, satisfying lives as they age, the author claims. Women are shattering records and breaking down barriers at an increasing rate.

She is adamant that older women understand they do not have to follow social norms regarding what they can and cannot wear. She wants to challenge the notion that you can no longer perform particular tasks after a certain age.

Cima is aware of how tension and anxiety might get entrenched in her psyche as she ages. She claims that she now understands how time and meditation might aid her in overcoming those emotions.

As she ages, she has a better idea on what works for her in life. She shared, “Attitude is everything, and changing how you look at something can change how you feel about it. Changing how you feel about it can change the outcome… Aging does not mean stopping; it means you now have accumulated wisdom that is unstoppable if you want it to be.”

As she gets older, she also understands how crucial maintaining good health is. The 76-year-old is active and posts brief clips of her workout program. She maintains a regular yoga practice to keep herself active and in good health.

Many comments on her yoga video expressed admiration for how flexible she was despite her advanced age. She gives her audience a convincing illustration of what good aging looks like. One of your viewers said, “You are really inspirational! I am 44 years old, and I have been following a few older women on social media to show me what mature and healthy aging looks like.

She makes an effort not to take ageist remarks personally, even when they are aimed at her. The 76-year-old is a prime illustration of the adage “beauty knows no age”!

Candace serves as a cheery reminder of what aging might look like if you don’t stray from your preferred course of action. Share this motivational article with your loved ones so they can learn how to age gracefully!

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