A True Father Is Not The One Who Only Pays The Bills, But The One Who Understands That Family Comes First

A true father is not the one who creates life. He is not the person who pays the bill or takes his wife and children on a 10-day vacation twice a year. He is not even a person who sends his children to a top school or does not give all the money on earth for family.

  • A true father is the one who understands that family comes first.

A true father would never leave his family to deal with their problems alone and would never claim that there wasn’t anything more than he could have done to keep his family together.

Will teach children about the way in which women should be treated.

  • A true father is one who teaches children the importance of honesty and loyalty.

He will not be caught lying and will always show the children that the right relationships are built with trust and respect.

Will teach children about the meaning of proper, decent behavior.

He won’t yell at his wife or kids just because he’s in a bad mood. He will not call them “stupid”, “weak” or incompetent and will always find them valuable.

He will place the most important things in his life for his family.

  • A true father will be the role model of his family.

This will encourage children to improve their talents and help them become the best versions of themselves.

He’ll show them what pure happiness and joy feel like.

A true father is the one for whom his children can proudly say ‘he is my best friend, my mentor, and my coach. He’s my father!

Source: curiousmindmagazine.com

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