A Homeless Person Gave Her A Paper That Held Long Preserved Secret – Video

His name is Ramundo Aruda Sobrinjo and he is 77 years old, he lives on the street and his secret is discovered thanks to Shall who became friends with him.

Ramundo wrote songs and short stories for 35 years and his talent wasn’t discovered until 2011 when he made friends with a woman called Shall.

The documentary “The Conditioned” tells the incredible story of Raimundo’s life and how everything changed when he showed to Shall one of his songs. She was so fascinated by his poetry that she created a Facebook page where she published his works. The things that happened after are true miracle.

In her inbox Shall received a message from the brother of this homeless poet and found out that he was looking for Ramundo in the last 57 years. Today the old poet lives with his brother away from the street and writes songs every day. Soon his poetry book will be published.

His Facebook page has more than 150.000 fans all around the world.

This is the best proof that we shouldn’t give up our dreams and that if we truly want something, we will get that some day.


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