9 Things Your Face Tells You About Your Health

Your face can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about your health. WebMD has more details about this.

What your face reveals about your health?

1. Yellow skin and eyes

It’s a sign of waste buildups in the body, and is caused by the separation of bilirubin (a component in red blood cells). Jaundice is really common and harmless. Almost every newborn baby has it. When it comes to adults, jaundice may be a sign of alcoholism, liver issues, gallbladder dysfunction and viral infections.

2. Cold sores

These pop up when you are under stress. Sores in the mouth area may be caused by type 1 herpes virus. Cold sores heal naturally, but you should consult a doctor if the symptoms become worse.

3. Butterfly rash

It’s a condition in which individuals have ubiquitous redness that goes from the top portion of the forehead down to the neck. These rashes disappear on their own, but may also indicate lupus, a disease that makes the immune system attack the body.

4. Cracked lips

Cracked lips are a common thing in winter. These may not be a serious condition, but may be a sign of allergic reaction, side effects caused by medication and dehydration. Consult a professional to solve your problem.

5. Sagging eyelid

Ptosis may affect one or both eyelids. It’s genetic issue that doesn’t cause serious problems. But, it affects vision and may cause issues in your brain, eye socket and nerves. Go to a doctor to receive treatment. If your condition is accompanied with a headache, muscle weakness, and difficulty swallowing, call 911. You may be having a stroke.

6. Yellow spots on eyelids

Yellow bumps on the eyelids are actually cholesterol buildups under the outer skin layer. These aren’t dangerous and can me removed by a professional. However, xanthelasmata may indicate a higher risk of heart disease. Do your regular physical exam, and see if you have any problem.

7. Inflammation of the chin and oral cavity

Persistent inflammation is a sign of the GI or urinary tract. Malnutrition or eating too much processed foods may make the condition even worse. Swelling and irritation in your chin may be caused by urinary tract issues, metabolic dysfunction or PMS syndrome. Eat more healthy foods and avoid stress.

8. Bald patches

Bald patches are a sign of alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that leads to hair loss. It’s more common in younger people aged 30 or less. Doctors prescribe medication to stimulate hair growth.

9. Irregular moles

Moles may be a sign of skin cancer. Check out the ABCDEs of moles, and if your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, consult your doctor immediately:

Asymmetrical – the shape appears lopsided

Border – the edges are jagged or irregular

Color – it’s patchy

Diameter – it’s larger than a pea

Evolving – its appearance changes

Final words

Here are some tips on how to take proper skin care:

  • Wash your face with warm water twice a day
  • Apply sunscreen of at least 15 SPF every time you go out
  • Eat fresh fruits, greens, and high-protein foods
  • Cut down your sugar
  • Be more active
  • Sleep at least 7 hours at night
  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day
  • Avoid sun exposure if the temperatures are too hig
  • Have some “you” time and avoid stressful situations


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