5 Foot Exercises That Can Help You Relieve Back, Hip and Knee Pain in Just 20 Minutes

It may seem that our feet are not some kind of significant contributor to our health, generally speaking, but that’s not really true.  When it comes to external parts of our body, the feet are on top of the list of hardest working parts.  They keep us moving around, and if you take a good care of them, they can and they will prevent knee, hip and back pain.

Now, we will show u 5 different exercises that will strengthen your feet, prevent pain and improve your balance:

  1. Toe Presses

The feet are the same like the others muscles in the body. They need to be warmed up before you can start doing any kind of exercise. A great warm up exercise to warm up your feet are toe presses, because it has low impact on them and I can be quite relaxing. You should stand tall and bend your knees slightly. Now grip the floor with your toes and hold that position for 3 seconds. Do at least 3 sets, 10 reps each every day.

  1. Toe Walking

This exercise will help you strengthen the muscles in your toes, also the ligaments and the muscles around the balls of your feet. You don’t have to be ballerina to practice this foot exercise. To do this exercise properly, you must stand on your tiptoes and walk around for at least 20 seconds. Once you’ve done with this walk, rest for 10 – 15 seconds. You should do this exercise at least 2 times a day for best results, 5 reps of 20 seconds each.

  1. Ankle Circles

It’s very important for you to have mobile and flexible ankles. Usually if someone has tight and restricted ankles, the rest of the body needs to compensate for their flaws. This leads to muscle and joint pain in the entire body. If your ankles are restricted and tight, you will experience back, knee or hip pain.

To perform this kind of exercise, lie on the floor on your back and extend one leg over your head. Now, you should rotate the extended leg’s ankle clockwise for 10 times. When you are done, rotate the same ankle counterclockwise for 10 times too. When you are done with that leg, switch to the other one and repeat this exercise.

  1. Resisted Flexion

This exercise is perfect if you are trying to reach the small muscles in your foot that are hard to reach. These muscles have crucial role in maintaining balance. If you strengthen these muscles, you will prevent injury for sure.

To do this exercise properly you will need one exercise band. You will have to sit on the floor and straighten your feet in front of you. Now, wrap the exercise ban around a bedpost and place the band on the top of your feet. While you are sitting on the floor, slide back until you will tension in the band.

Now, flex your foot backwards and hold for 5 seconds, release and do the same movement for 10 more reps.

  1. Toe Pencil Pickups

This exercise is very easy to perform and you can do it almost anywhere. For this exercise you will need a pencil (or pen). Now, stand in front of the pen or pencil you wish to pick up. Grab the pen or pencil with your toes and lift it from the ground, hold for 10 seconds and then drop it. Repeat this movement at least 5 times for each foot.

This exercise routines will only take 20 minutes of your time to complete them and you should do them every 2-3 days if you want good results.


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