10 Easy Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

Running is often recommended from top nutritionists, doctors and fitness trainers because it puts into work the entire body and actives every muscle.

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Another reason to choose an exercise rather than running, is that running could injured your knees. Running is high-impact exercise, due to the persistent strain that you put on the feet,knees, and thighs.

We offer you a list of 10 easy exercises that are better than running, plus are very easy and can be done in the commodity of your home. These exercises will help you lose weight, stay into shape and tone your body.

  1. Fat tire biking

This exercise will help you burn 1500 calories in an hour or 25 calories in a min. You will need a bicycle with large tires which is heavy and hard to control.

  1. Cross-fit exercise

This exercise is a combination of simple short exercises for different parts of the body. Search the internet for exercises for three different parts of the body you want to tone and chose the one suits you the most. Combine three exercises and perform them together as a part of this routine.

  1. Burpees

This exercise will help you burn 14 calories in minute and you need to do 10 burpees in a minute. This is a very effective exercise because not only that burns calories but also speeds up your metabolism.

  1. Bike sprints

This exercise is for people that are not in condition for an intense workout. In this exercise you will need to pedal as fast as you can for 60 seconds and then slow down to normal pace for the next 1 – 2 min and then speed up again.

  1. Kettlebell swing

This exercise will burn you 20 calories in 1 min. However, this exercise should be incorporated in a routine of exercises and it is appropriate for everybody. You are not required to be in great shape or to have some special preparation before you do the kettlebell swing.

  1. Indoor rowing

With the indoor rowing you can burn 375 calories in 30 if you do the exercise properly. It is an exercise for the muscles on the shoulders and arms and it is an amazing exercise that will tone your arms and shoulders.

  1. Jumping rope

This exercise is the most similar to running and you will burn 13 calories in a minute. All you need is a long rope and a wide space. Try to make 100 skips in 1 min.

  1. Battling ropes

Battling ropes according to a research is the best workout for oxygen consumption and it burns more calories than running plus is fun.

  1. Cross-country skiing

This is a very popular workout which is as effective as running because you move with the same pace but you burn more calories per minute.

  1. Jump squats

Squats are important exercise for every woman. They tighten the butt and stomach muscles and you burn 14 calories in 20 seconds. This exercise should be done by every women at least for 5 min every day.

Before starting any workout routine you should think of the parts of the body you want to tone and combine the best exercises for you. Don’t forget to include exercises for the entire body and give time you your muscles to recover after an intense workout.

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