Nowadays it is observed that young people are increasingly lazy, and when we speak of laziness we mean that they do not like to help in anything even in the simplest tasks of the home, they do not even help to collect their rooms.

Many mothers today complain that their children are like this and look for ways to make them change at least a little since having useless at home is not such a good thing, when you are young is when you should take advantage of life and achieve Independence and stability.

Although it is well known that young people today are more useless, we are not doing anything, everyone corrects them in their own way, they tell them the bears but always end up in discussions or in which the young person is disturbed.

The society of today worries about it, however, it is quite important to emphasize who are the main culprits of such a disaster with the generation of today and we will let you know today in this post.


When we talk about useless youth we refer to those young people who do not help at home or pick up the dishes, sweep or clean at home, or at least take out the trash but they spend it on the computer playing or talking with their friends. the phone.

Many mothers and fathers see this as they come into crisis because they see that their children are not even able to go out to work or do anything for their lives, they simply stay there as if nothing, they do nothing at all to improve the situation in their homes.

Many of these young people drop out of school and it is not only that, but they go from partying to partying that often ends up in drug use, alcohol or in the worst case the girls arrive pregnant at home.

This happens because nowadays it is impossible to talk to them about morals, morals, there is no one to guide them in ideologies and if there are people who help them, they do not allow themselves to help because they believe they know everything.

Many times these also complain about not having money weekly and their parents are forced to give them money every week, money they spend on unimportant things, like drugs or alcoholic beverages or parties, they only give life instead of looking work.

This generation includes those with ages between 16 and 24 who are the ones who neither study nor work, they are the generation of the NINI’S, but who is to blame that they are like that? Believe it or not, the main culprits are the parents.

Many parents remember when they had to get up early to do chores and then go to school and do more chores, they helped in everything and when they wanted money they had to earn it by working shining boots.

This is what parents call work and as they lived this, their children were accustomed to living full of comforts that instead of being something good ended up being something terrible, young people are so comfortable that they prefer to live at home. and not work.

If you have young children, what you should do best is to educate them about how they should help you with small household chores since this is the only way you will be raising a woman or a good man with values.


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