Your Left Palm Discovers Your Future, the Right One- Your Destiny: Here is How you Can Interpret the Meaning


  1.Fate line

Your fate line stretches from the middle to the wrist.

– If the fate line is deep than it determines the life path.

– If the line begins in the middle of the palm I says that you will have late success in life.

– If you are missing this line than you are determined about your life path.

– If you have interruptions in this line than be careful from evil people because you will deal with them a lot.

– If the line has some curves then it means unhappiness and turning from the right path.

 2.Art line

The art line turns from the fate line and stretches up to the ring finger.

– If this line is accented that means that you are very artistic and talented.

– If this line is easily noticed than this means that art will be your life and you will earn your living from it.

– If there are some crosses and quadrants in this line than you will have benefits from your talents but you will have separate profession.

– If you miss this line than you will lack happiness and glory in your life.

  3.Mercury line

The mercury line is next to the art line, under the little finger.

– If this line is long and strong then you have great business capabilities.

– If this line is thin than you have scientific interest.

– If this line is attached to the art and money line than it means that you will make fortune from business or science.

  4.Health line

Most people lack this kind of line, but if you have it than you will have lots of health problems and issues with the      inner organs.

  5.Happiness line

This line is consisted of four curves from the wrist.

– If they are easily visible then you will have luck.

– If they are interrupted then you will work very hard.

– If they are not present at all then you won’t have happiness.

   6.Erotic lines

This line is located below the thumb.

– If this line is strong then you will have expressed sensitivity.

– If this line is strong and long it means that you will have strong love feelings.

– If this line is short and weak you will have little sensitivity.

– If there is a net of lines you will have lots of short relationships.

   7.Success line

These are little lines from the head line to the index finger.

– If the lines are straight it means that you are very ambitious and successful person.

– If they are intermingled than you will have some obstacles to the way to success.

– If they are cut than this means that you will fail in your ambitious plans.

   8.Venus circle

This is a curve below the middle and the ring finger.

– If this is a closed circle then you will be disappointed in love.

– If there are several circles than this means that you will have difficulties living with someone.

– Semi circles mean that you will easily overcome disappointments.