Your Body Has a Natural Built in Watch And You Don’t Know That: Learn Well This Timetable Of The Hours When Your Organs Regenerate

Your body has a built in clock! Every organ in your body has a timetable according to which it regenerates and maintains.

If you feel some discomfort in some part of the day (you have a headache or your are inactive) it is because some of your organs regenerates due to some damages and the strange feeling is a result of channeling the energy in a specific organ due to regeneration or maintenance.


Lungs:  3 – 5 AM

Colon: 5 – 7 AM

Stomach: 7 – 9 AM

Spleen: 9 – 11 AM

Heart: 11 AM – 1 PM

Small intestine: 1 – 3 PM

Bladder: 3 – 5 PM

Kidneys: 5 – 7 PM

Pancreas: 7 – 9 PM

Blood vessels and arteries: 9 – 11 PM

Gallbladder: 23 PM – 1 AM

Liver: 1 – 3 AM

 1.Lungs: Lungs are the first organs that are regenerated, releasing toxins in the period between 3 and 5 AM. This is why you cough during the night or you wake up coughing. In fact, your lungs then try to get rid of toxins. If you cough often in the morning then you should regulate your nutrition and lifestyle.

 2.Colon: For healthy colon you need to drink very much water in order it can do its job properly and this is why it happens to you to wake up in the period of 5 to 7 AM and to be thirsty. In the morning you should drink as little as possible caffeine. Caffeine is diuretic and takes the water from your intestines, kidneys and bladder. Your body needs water in order to perform colon regeneration. In that way it keeps normal digestion, normalizes the body weight and the process of aging slows down. For healthy colon it is very important to be emptied in the morning before breakfast.

 3.Stomach: The stomach regenerates in the period between 7 and 9 AM and what you should avoid in this period is big meal. Compared with colon, which need great amounts of water in order to function, the stomach needs very little. It would be great if you start your morning with juices and fruits which can be easily digested. If possible, it would be great if you import only liquids in your organism in the morning.

 4.Spleen: The spleen is cleaned in the period between 9 and 11 AM. In this period it is in weakened condition and this is why the symptoms of the disease you have become stronger. This happens because the spleen is related with the liver and the immune system. Healthy spleen makes antibodies when there is an infection and constantly controls the presence of foreign bodies in the blood.

 5.Heart: The heart is regenerated between 11 AM and 1 PM and in this period you may feel fast heart beating and skipping. About 70% of heart attacks happen exactly in the period of heart regeneration.

 6.Small intestine: Have you noticed that in the period between 1 and 3 PM you are prone to bloating and difficult digestion? If this happens to you the reason is irregular nutrition. Change your diet habits and you should solve this problem.

 7.Kidneys and bladder: From 3 to 7 PM probably you feel tired and sleepy. In case when your kidneys function well then you should feel rested and not tired.

 8.Pancreas: From 7 to 9 PM usually you crave for sweets or carbohydrates. The kidneys regulate the pancreas and in case if you eat something sweet in this period you will feel pain in the lower part of the back because of the kidneys. Kidneys, bladder and pancreas are connected and are parts of one whole. If you feel sleepy early in the evening this is probably because your pancreas needs regeneration.

 9.Blood vessels and arteries: The blood vessels regenerate in the period of 9 to 11 PM. Due to this you may feel headache and weakness.

 10.Liver and gallbladder: In the period of 11 PM to 3 AM a regeneration of two organs happens. Did it happen to you not to be able to fall asleep in this part of the night? That means that your liver hasn’t proceeded the waste from your organism and this irritates your body causing insomnia and anxiety.

Be aware of your health. The more you know about your body it will be easier for you to keep your health. So try to pay attention to your body’s watch in order to know what happens with it in a specific time.


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