You Run To The Toilet After A Cup Of Coffee? Here’s Why… (VIDEO)

Everyone that consumes coffee doesn’t have the same effect, but in most of the cases happens.

It is scientifically proven that coffee stimulates the brain, but there is something about it that makes most of the people run to the toilet immediately after drinking it. It’s true:

Coffee makes you have to poop.


This effect of coffee don’t experience all those who consume it. Only 3 out of 10 people are faced with this “trauma”. Although most of the people think that caffeine has a laxative effect, studies have shown that this is not the case. The same thing happens when people drink decaffeinated coffee.

Scientists believe that the laxative effect of coffee is caused by its acidic nature. The first secret that scientists have discovered is that the reason is the higher level of stomach acid, which thanks to the chlorogenic acid activates the stomach.

Drinking coffee also increases gastrin, which relaxes the muscles of the anal opening. At the same time, coffee increases the level of cholecystokinin, which releases enzymes and regulates the body discharge (pooping). Because of its acids, coffee affects the ability of our organism to quickly digest, and in four minutes you have to run to the bathroom.



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