You Have These Diseases Because Your Entire Life You Cleaned Your Behind Wrong

Your entire lifetime you cleaned your behind wrong and that may cause great problems.

If you have frequent infections of the urinary tract or genitalia or you have hemorrhoids, maybe you don’t have some bad bacteria which attacks all the time but you use toilet paper in the wrong way and you have bad hygiene in the genital area. However, since this is not a popular topic in the public, many people make mistakes in the bathroom which are very harmful for the organism.

Nature says that any of us has to go to the toilet several times during the day and since we established the habit of controlled urination we don’t think what we should do there but perform it automatically.


1.You sit too long on the toilet

Very often it happens the person that has constipation or some other problem sits too long on the toilet. This is a big mistake because useless sitting won’t do you any good. Instead walk a around and this will make the digestive tract work.

2.Too much cleaning

Toilet-paper irritates the skin of the perianal area and this often leads to itching and inflammation. Just wipe it twice, and if you need more than that, it means that you’re probably haven’t entirely emptied the digestive tract.

3.The type of toilet paper is very important

Always use soft toilet paper with no added fragrance and color, because they are less irritating the skin.

4.Cleaning in the wrong way

Many women unconsciously make this mistake after urination and clean the area from the back to the front. With this they transmit bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, from the rectum to the urinary channel. Unlike men, women’s urethra is short, allowing bacteria more quickly and easily to reach the bladder and cause a variety of urinary infections. Therefore, always wipe from front to back.

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