What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

Birth month is as important as Birth date. You’ve probably heard that zodiac signs can say a lot about someone’s personality and characteristics. But, did you know that the month you were born can also tell many things about you and your personality?

The month you were born can offer understanding of your overall behavior, your thoughts and feelings about life, and how other people see you. These descriptions come from the study of astrology, basing the character marks on the alignment and placement of the stars during your birth month.




People who are born in January are strong-willed people, have stubborn attitude, and they don’t like people telling them what to do.  They are also very good leaders because of their endurance and urge to succeed, but sometimes they don’t want to listen to others as well. They have a natural ability to teach different people. They also have a strong work ethic and never hesitate to say their opinions out loud.


People born in February love getting into discussions, and don’t like to talk with people who seem shallow. People born in February also have a strong creative streak, and they also like working on new and different projects. They love traveling, and love to jump on a plane or train every chance they get so they can visit different places. Adventures and exploring the world around you get’s them excited and make them feel alive, so they do best in the company of other dreamers and open minded people. They are very loyal friends, honest people and partners, as well.


If you were born in March, you are probably highly creative person and imaginative, but you probably tend to be more introvert and quiet. You love arts for expressing yourself, and enjoy your quiet time alone. You have a kind, gentle attitude with other persons, but tend to hide aspects of your life and privacy from others. You live inside your own head, creating masterpieces within your mind. You like peaceful environments and you stay away from noisy and crowded places most of the time.


People born in April don’t take orders very well. They wish they could do things their way and lead the others. They want attention and love every moment they can spend in the public attention.  People born in April seek new adventures, and constantly looking for an adrenaline rush. Sometimes they are known to be loud and offensive, but they don’t have any problem telling other people how they feel.  They don’t really care about their actions, they  act first and think later, living life day to day, seeing where it takes them.


Those born in May tend to be very changeable. If they wanted one thing yesterday, they would want something totally different today. People born in May have an active social life, and don’t wish to spend a lot of time being alone. They express their feelings very well, and love talking to people from all segments of their life. They are constantly looking for new and different types of entertainment, because they get bored easily. 


If your birth month is June, you can be shy and soft-spoken person, but people really admire that about you and your personality. You are also a very sensitive person and caring toward other people’s feelings.  If you were born in June, you probably have a creative spirit, and think far into the future about what you can create and how you can bring your ideas into reality. But, you don’t always express your feelings; you have an entire world living inside you, and you just want to figure out how to bring it to life.


Those who are born in July have similar characteristics as those born in June, except the thing they are a bit more spontaneous and extroverted. On the outside, they look confident and cheerful, but on the inside, they keep a lot of dark secrets, and hide their pain from others. They also want to have a good time, and going into different adventures. People born in July have lots of energy. That’s why people want to hang out with them. 


People that are born in August are doing well in careers that involve critical thinking and analysis. That’s because they see life in a logical, also known as step-by-step way. They don’t like to express their emotions and feelings, so seeing their “human” side can be difficult sometimes. People born in August are natural born leaders, not afraid to stand on their own with their thoughts. Sometimes they can be bossy, but underneath all that, they all have big hearts. August people can think too much and get locked inside their methodical way of life if they aren’t careful.


If you are born in September, you probably have high expectations of others, so that’s why you get disappointed easily. You are perfectionist, holding yourself to your high ideals. You are also a sensual person, creative and humble, and you always want to help others when you can. Sometimes, you may have a mean stubborn streak.


Those born in October, don’t like confrontation, and avoid it whenever possible. They also have an active social life, and love their friends to death. They hunger for balance in everything they do. They also have a positive point of view on life.  They are very charming and talkative. They also love being around people.


If you are born in November, you are very secretive person, and you often hide your true feelings from other people. You don’t have too many fears, and you will jump into any kind of situation, no matter what are the consequences. You don’t let anything in your life stop you from doing something you want, and you have an emotional and stubborn approach to life. You don’t like others telling you what you should do.


People born in December always like to be on-the-go, and can’t stand to sit in one place too long. But, they can let their pride get in the way sometimes. That’s why they have short fuse with some people. December people are very courageous and humble people. They are also feisty and entertaining people.


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