We All Know This Is Kind Of Weird, But Yes, Farts Can Send You Many Signs About Your Health.

We all know this is kind of weird, but yes, farts can send you many signs about your health. Some type of foods can cause smelly farts, such as: almonds, broccoli, cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts. Also, foods that contain high amounts of sulfur like eggs and meat can cause smelly farts. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat these types of food. When you eat foods that cause gas, it helps the microbes in the gut to get the necessary nutrients. If these microbes don’t get the necessary carbohydrates they need to live, you will experience problems.

Average adult farts more than 14 times daily. Do you know what farts are? Let me tell you that. Farts are a mixture of swallowed air and gas produced by the bacteria in the lower intestine. Farts are a sign that your digestive system is working properly, even the smelly ones.

But, not all of them indicate that your digestive system is working properly. Some of those, really terrible farts, don’t always show that you are eating healthy. They can also indicate that you suffer from lactose intolerance. For example, if you have gases right after consuming dairy products, means that your body has some difficulties to break down the lactose. Other important thing you should know is that some frequent and really stinky farts can indicate a chronic problem, such as: irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, or an infection like gastroenteritis.

If you fart more than 22 times a day, it indicates that you may consume something that pumps more air into your guts. You shouldn’t be worried, because it doesn’t pose a threat for your health, and it can be changed easily. For example, frequent farts can be caused by drinking coffee, if you lots of carbohydrates, foods that are difficult to be broken down by the intestines, if you eat vegetarian food. If you eat your food really fast, you swallow lots of air, which contributes to get more frequent farts. If you don’t want these smelly farts and you wish to prevent them, you should definitely try avoiding foods high in sulfur, such as: beef, pork, etc. Just replace them with low sulfur foods, such as chicken and fish.

You should chew the food more before you swallow it. This will help your stomach and your intestines to break down the food you consume. Also, make sure you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, because they are natural laxative. They will help you a lot and balance your bowel movement. People used peppermint, garlic and sassafras to treat stomach problems for ages, so why shouldn’t you give a try.

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