Worrying constantly generates stress and anxiety, and if this grows into a habit, it can make us very unhappy. Some people think of worry as a form of maturity, but this is wrong – we don’t have control over our future, and worrying only makes matters worse. It can seriously harm our health, but there are a few tricks that can train your brain to stop worrying.

Write down what’s troubling you

For starters, you can write down your problem on a piece of paper and you will already feel better. According to many scientists, people don’t realize the details of the problem until they write it down. In one study published in the Anxiety journal, volunteers were asked to write down a few topics that are the source of their worry – interestingly enough, the more worried the person was, the less descriptive the text was. This means that the problem that’s troubling you is preventing the brain from functioning properly.

Exercise to train your body when and how to stop worrying

When you’re worried, go outside and spend at least 10 minutes walking. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature and relax, and you will decrease the level of stress. The Psychosomatic Medicine journal recently published an interesting study that proves that this method works. A simple relaxing walk can also regulate your blood pressure, which is another symptom of stress.

Meditate and pray

By concentrating on what’s important in life, you will ignore every concern. Learn how to meditate and pray, and you will be happier.

As you can see, worrying can be easily resolved – try any of these techniques and we’re sure you’ll find them amazing.

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