This Drink Causes Breast Cancer But We Still Consume It Daily

A new  study conducted in Norway showed that milk is not that great for our body as we think. according to this study, people who drink 3 or more cups of milk a day have greater chances of developing breast cancer than people who consume less than 3 cups.

Breast cancer is very wide nowadays and it seems that milks is one of the factors for increased risk.

This study is based on previous data which show that milk speeds up the development of tumors and cancer cell. Now it was confirmed that milk is also one of the factors for developing breast cancer.

The scientists that have conducted the study claim that breast cancer usually appears in countries and cultures that are first in the consumption of milk. Such countries are Finland, Sweden, Britain, Canada and America. On the other hand breast cancer is very rare in countries where milk consumption is limited.

The reason why milk is one of the reasons for developing cancer are the synthetic supplements of vitamin D that is usually added in milk and dairy products. This causes problems with the hormones and increases the carcinogenic potential.

Patients diagnosed with breast cancer consumed twice as much from the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. Still there are many other factors to be taken into consideration.

We also increase the risk of cancer with consumption of artificial sugar and sweets, processed meat and avoiding fresh vegetables and fruits.

Another very important factor for cancer development is wearing a bra. The bra tightens the skin and limits the natural movements of the body. Bras that have metal support are the worst because they also emit chemicals into the body.

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