These 10 Herbs Can be Cultivated all Year Round at Home, And they Only need Water to Grow!

Today we’re going to present 10 simple herbs that can be grown at home with nothing more than water. The herbs will grow delicious and are even better than those grown on a farm!

The first step you need to do is put the herbs in glass bottles filled with pure water – spring water is best if available. Tap water won’t work as it’s full of chlorine and other harmful compounds that will ruin the herbs’ health. If you must use tap water, leave it to stay overnight or use rainwater.

Glass bottles work well for the method, but plastic ones will work good too. The bottles need to be colored though – if you can’t find them, wrap a piece of colored paper around the bottle as the roots shouldn’t be exposed to light. Narrow mouthed bottles will keep the herbs stand upright. If the plants have flowered and have leaves beyond the narrow opening, cut them off as they can rot in the water and cause problems. The water should be changes depending on the plant – rosemary needs a change of water once a week, while other herbs and plants require more frequent watering. Once the plant sprouts roots in 2-6 weeks, you won’t need to change the water. To promote rooting, put a couple willow branches in warm water overnight and use the liquid on the plants.

Here are the 10 best plants that can grow with this method:


Keep rosemary in a sunny spot and keep in mind that the roots may take some time. Rosemary shoots grow faster in spring.


Put some Salvia cuttings in water, then put the pot with the plant in a well-aired spot as it is prone to mildew.


Peppermint is full of menthol and volatile oils that provide a cooling sensation on the skin. Put some fresh peppermint cuttings in water and they will soon grow.


Put some tarragon cuttings in water and put the pot in a warm and bright spot. Tarragon has many types, but we suggest using the French one as its best for culinary purposes, or Russian for salads.


Basil is fairly easy to grow – just put some cuttings in water before they start flowering and put the pot in a sunny spot.

Green mint

Green mint is a natural hybrid of spearmint that is easy to grow.


Thyme is best planted in early summer before it starts flowering. Once the plant grows, cut the stem in half to promote branching.


Put fresh oregano cuttings in water and cut the tips as it grows.

Lemon balm

Put several cut stalks of lemon balm in water in spring or fall and keep the pot in an area with plenty of sunshine. The plant needs about 3-4 weeks to develop roots. Change the water frequently, especially in the summer. Lemon balm leaves can be later used for tea.


Put some stevia stalks in water and keep it in a sunny and warm area. Stevia is a natural alternative for sugar which won’t raise your glucose levels. Add it to tea and other drinks for a nice hit of natural sugar.

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