This Colon Cleaning Juice Can Remove Toxins From Your Body In No Time!

The colon is one of the most useful organs in the body. It is responsible for the elimination of toxins, and also absorbs water and sodium in order to keep the electrolyte levels stable. If its function is impaired, your body will suffer as a result. Improperly working colon will allow accumulation of waste in … Read more

Here’s How to Make Homemade Detox Foot Pads to Cleanse Your Body from Toxins Overnight

In the past, this kind of homemade detox foot pads were made and used by people in Japan. We are talking about stick-on pads which should be placed on the bottom of your feet before you go to bed. In the morning when you wake up, you’ll see that the stick-on pads are dark. That’s … Read more