Sugary Drinks Kill 184,000 People a Year, Study Says

It is well known that fizzy drinks contain artificial sweetener and many calories. What is a secret is that this drinks kill thousands of people every year. According to a new study 184 thousands of people worldwide died from sugar only in the past year.

This research, published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal, classifies fizzy drinks as potential killers and causers of many diseases. In this group they put sweetened ice tea, fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks.

The author of the study, Dariush Mozaffarian from Tufts University in Boston, says that many countries in the world have great number of deaths due to sugar-sweetened beverages.


According to statistics around 184 thousands of deaths worldwide are result from importing great amounts of sugar in the blood and diabetes.

Another 45 thousands of people suffer or die from cardiovascular diseases also caused by sugar and diabetes and 6.450 people die from cancer related with sugar beverages.

This devastating numbers brought worries to the scientists who started a campaign to inform people of the dangers of sugar and try to reduce the number of users of this drink. Dr. Mozaffarian advises people that the best thing what they can do is to eliminate soda and other sweetened drinks from their diet and start prepare their own fruit juices and smoothies.

He adds that sugar is good but in small amounts and uncontrolled import of sugar in the organism will cause significant damages and it may even lead to death, so it is very important to be careful what we consume and this is especially important for teenagers.

Mexico is the country with biggest number of deaths due to sugar, with a rate of 450 deaths per 1 million adults. USA follows it with a number of 125 deaths on 1 million adults.

At the end, the report of the study says that 76% of deaths occur in low to middle income countries.


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