Do you often experience shortness of breath and stuffy nose? This problem usually occurs due to rhinitis or sinus problems, but recent studies have shown that it may originate from an unusual place – the gut. It seems that symptoms such as headaches, fever, sore throat and cough are caused by low level of beneficial bacteria in the drug, which is caused by a fungal overgrowth of the candida yeast that can grow in the body and reach the lungs and brain.

In 2010, the Mayo Clinic conducted a study which examined 210 patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. After taking samples from the mucus in the nasal cavity, 96% of the patients had fungal (candida) infection. The study concluded that chronic sinusitis may be nothing more than the body’s reaction to pathogenic fungi. More sensitive people may end up dealing with bigger problems such as candidiasis. One of the main problems for the fungal overgrowth in the patients’ gut was using antibiotics to treat sinusitis and similar respiratory problems, which destroys the intestinal flora and allows the yeast to grow out of control.

Here are the main symptoms of a fungal infection in the gut:

  • Bad breath;
  • Body aches;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Nausea;
  • Frequent vaginal infections;
  • Skin rashes;

The following foods can feed the fungus and help it grow:

  • Flour;
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • Dairy products (except plain yogurt);
  • Refined sugar and sweet foods;
  • Alcohol (mostly beer).

Antibiotics and stress can make the situation worse, which is why it’s better treating your health problems with natural remedies. There are many natural remedies with antifungal properties such as herbal supplements with caprylic acid, which can be found in coconut oil. Turmeric, garlic and baking soda can also help, as can the consumption of probiotics and foods rich in lactobacilli such as plain yogurt or kefir. Bacteria such as lactobacilli can restore your intestinal microflora and allow your body to fight the infection easily.

As we mentioned before, it’s best to stay away from beer and sugary foods while suffering from a fungal infection. To relieve stuffy nose, rhinitis or sinusitis, you can also try this nasal wash – add a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water, then stir well and pour the mixture in an eyedropper. Now, spray it in your nose and you will be able to breathe easier instantly. For a stronger solution, add a couple drops of grape seed extract. Repeat the process twice a day until the problems are completely gone. For sore throat, you can gargle a salt water solution. All of the aforementioned respiratory problems can also be resolved using aromatherapy. Just put a few drops of an essential oil in a diffuser and run it to open up your airways and reduce the inflammation in your lungs. The best oils for this method are oregano, eucalyptus and thyme essential oils.

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