Shocking! The Dirtiest Place In The Plane Is …No, It’s Not The Toilet.

A cabin crew revealed what parts of the plane are the dirtiest, and it’s not even the toilet bowl.

If you have already flown by a plane this year, then there’s no hope for you, because you were already in a place where you touched faces. However, if you are about to fly, take wet wipes and gel hand sanitizer.


A cabin crew revealed what parts of the plane are the dirtiest, and they do not even include the toilet bowl.The first place, according to a flight attendant, is the table that is in front of every passenger. “If you ever dropped a peanut on the table, and then ate it, or you simply touched the table, there is a high possibility that you’ve also eaten baby poop. Honestly, I’ve seen more used diapers on those tables than food”, says a flight attendant.

Actually, the table comes after the armrest and toilet door knobs. The reason for this lies in the period of time necessary for E. coli to survive.

According to a study from the Auburn University, E. coli can survive for 96 hours on the armrest, and 48 hours on the toilet door knob, because they are made of different materials. “I’ve seen parents that change diapers on the tables or cut their nails on the plane,” said the flight attendant.

Are you one of those people who like walking barefoot on a plane? Don’t do that – not only does it make other people uncomfortable, but the floor is full of bacteria.

“I’ve also seen passengers urinating on the seats. The floor is dirty, and the floor in the toilet is even worse. I always advise passengers to use hand sanitizer after using the bathroom and never to walk barefoot on a plane”, said the flight attendant.

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