Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bras. Here’s Why

October 13th is the worldwide no bra day. This is done in order to raise the awareness of breast cancer and to act against it. Many women leave their bras at home and they do their usual things without it. This just one day in the year but scientists have actually discovered that not wearing bras is great for women.


The primal purpose of the bra is to keep in place the breasts and help women while doing the housework, work in the garden, do sport, go to work and have meetings.

However, Jean – Denis Rouillion who is a sport science researcher and professor at the University of Franche-Comte in the town of Besancon claims that wearing bra is very harmful for the woman’s body. He conducted a 15 year long study with women aged 18 – 35 where he examined the effects on the body from wearing a bra. He came to a conclusion that bra doesn’t do any benefits for the body, doesn’t give extra support to the chest and spine or prevent neck pain or sagging. In fact bras make the breast oil and saggier.

The study also showed that bras prevent the development of supporting breast tissue and that we really need one. The women who stopped wearing bras 7-millimeter lift in their nipples when compared to a regular bra users. As well the study showed that no bra means better blood circulation and reduce of overall tone of the breasts plus more collagen production and elasticity.

Still many women will still continue wearing their bras just because the moral codes of the society are like that and not to distract anybody. However, try not to wear your bran while you are at home or sleeping. Avoid too tight and uncomfortable bras and instead wear sport or bras without wires. Feel free to enjoy your freedom and stay healthy.


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