Rescue a Man of Stroke Using Only a Needle

According to Chinese medicine and professors, you should always keep a needle in your house and purse. Needle may be used for many purposes but did you know that it might save a life?

A simple thing as a needle may save a life in case of stroke. Are you surprised? Keep reading in order to find out how you can use a needle in a case of stroke.

Emergency first aid is very important for the person having a stroke. When someone is gets stroke the capillaries of the brain tear and fast reaction is crucial to save the patient’s life and prevent greater damage in the future.

In a case of stroke many people around the patient will start to panic and yell but this is the worst thing that can be done. First, stay calm and be aware that this person’s life depends on you. Don’t move the patient because the capillaries in the brain will burst and cause bleeding in the brain. Then take the needle.

Prepare it in such a way that you will heat it on a lighter or candle in order to sterilize it and when ready start pricking the tops of all 10 fingers.

You won’t need any special knowledge or preparation for pricking the fingers but you need to do it very fast and few millimeters from the nail.

Perform so that the blood can flow.

If you don’t see blood then tighten and squeeze the finger in order to provide blood flow.

When all 10 fingers start to bleed the patient will return to life and he/she will start regaining consciousness.

Next thing what you should do is to massage the patient’s ears in order to make the blood running through them. Massage until they become red.

For the third step you will need the needle again. Now prick with the needle in each ear’s soft part and wait for them to start bleeding. This will help the patient return his/her mouth in normal position.

Wait for the patient to become conscious again and then check for any unusual symptoms and immediately take him/her to the hospital.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, this method is 100% lifesaving and the best thing what you should do in a case of stroke so the patient will survive without any brain damages.


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