Relationship Shock: New Boyfriend Demands Half the Rent from Homeowner Girlfriend

In a post on Reddit’s “AITA” subreddit, an 18-year-old woman shared her situation. Her father had bequeathed her a two-story home, and she currently rents out the first floor, earning $500 monthly.

Despite the proximity of her house to the city, she keeps the rent relatively low. Comparable buildings nearby charge $600 or $700 monthly for similar spaces.

After three months of living together, the 18-year-old woman and her boyfriend, who was facing rent issues, decided that he would move into her two-story home. She offered him a place to stay until he could resolve his problems, without asking for rent during this period. The couple shared living expenses, focusing on splitting the cost of groceries.

Not initially disclosing that she was the homeowner, the woman believed it was not a significant detail. However, when the tenant downstairs approached her about a broken freezer, the boyfriend overheard their conversation. Upon inspecting the issue, she assured the tenant that she would cover the cost of a new freezer if it couldn’t be fixed.

When the boyfriend wanted to discuss the matter later, expressing disbelief at the idea of paying for the tenant’s freezer, the woman clarified that she was the landlord and responsible for such expenses. This revelation seemingly caught the boyfriend off guard.

Following the revelation that she was the owner of the building, the woman’s boyfriend reacted with anger, accusing her of deceit and labeling landlords as inherently evil. Amidst his shouts and demands, he insisted on receiving 50% of her rental income, claiming it would make her complicit in his negative view of landlords. Giving her the silent treatment, the boyfriend continued to act strangely, prompting the woman to decide to end the relationship.

To address the situation, she invited her father over for support during the conversation with her boyfriend. During their exchange, the boyfriend asserted that if she didn’t rent for profit, she should have no issue giving away the rental income. In response, she offered to donate half of the money to charity, but this suggestion was met with accusations of selfishness and shame from her boyfriend.

When her father arrived, the boyfriend expressed his disdain and declared he never wanted to see them again before leaving. Concerns from Redditors prompted suggestions to change the locks and remain cautious about potential future interactions with the now ex-boyfriend.

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