Red Wine And Aloe Vera Can Strengthen Your Immunity And Give You Energy


This drink can help you if you suffer from physical and mental fatigue. Grind 1.5 kg of aloe leaves, and add 2.5 kg honey and 1l red wine. Mix the ingredients, pour them in a bottle and leave it to sit for seven days.
Drink one tablespoon of the mixture for the first five days, and then continue taking one teaspoon of the mixture, 2 – 3 times a month, three times per day before meals.



It is known that the aloe leaves are used in traditional medicine to strengthen immunity. The leaves should not be older than three years, even though modern medicine says that the younger leaves have the same healing power as the old ones.

Grind 300 grams of aloe leaves, without the spikes, in a meat grinder, and then add a pound of minced chicory root, half a liter of red wine, and half a liter of 70% alcohol. Mix everything and pour it in a dark bottle and keep it in a dark, cool place for several days.
For the first seven days, take one teaspoon of this remedy three times a day, two hours before meals. After those seven days, drink one tablespoon of the remedy, three times a day, one hour before meals. The therapy should last for two months, or at least a month.

You should keep the fresh aloe leaves in a fridge.

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