Red Skelton will have you laughing out loud

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There were plenty of amusing performers throughout the 20th century. Audience members were rolling on the floor and laughing aloud thanks to Stephen Fry, Robin Williams, and Betty White. Red Skelton, however, was one of the most adored entertainers for almost 40 years.

Red Skelton, who was born almost a century ago, was primarily a performer. He had a broad and diverse career that included burlesque performances, vaudeville acts, and radio broadcasts.
Red’s upbeat quips and endearing demeanor had people laughing wherever he performed. This was particularly true at the time he debuted The Red Skelton Show, which evolved into The Red Skelton Hour.
Skelton, Red

This hit television series brought Red Skelton into the living rooms around the country. After over 20 years of performing, Red Skelton became a household favorite for old and young listeners.
For many listeners and viewers, it was that wide appeal that set Red Skelton apart from other comedians. Certain entertainers were meant for adults, but Red Skelton was a family-friendly alternative.
Red Skelton
So, it is no surprise that many people who lived in the 20th century adored Red Skelton as he got older. And when he did appear for performances, he was received with open arms and standing applause.

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