Put a Drop Of Vinegar And Alcohol In Your Ear And Say Goodbye to Earwax

The wax in our ears is a completely natural process that prevents bacteria, dirt and dust from entering our ears.

Unfortunately, many people see earwax as unnecessary grease and dirt, and they remove it on a daily basis. The worst thing is that they usually do it by using a cotton swab, which only pushes the bacteria deeper into the interior of the ear.

What is less known is that the excess ear wax falls out on its own, but when that does not happen for whatever reason, it can cause some unpleasant symptoms.

It can create a blockage that blocks the further release of wax, while causing earache, sinus problems, headaches, impaired hearing, and sometimes dizziness.

Fortunately, there’s a doctor that has a solution!

Doctor David Hill advises us to mix an equal amount of vinegar and alcohol (a very small amount) and put a drop of the mixture into the ear.

We should do this while lying down, leave the mixture in the ear for 60 seconds, and then stand up and allow it to simply leak out.

This mixture will make a miracle – unblock the wax, stimulate its removal, and it will help us get rid of any unpleasant symptoms.

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