Parents beware! There’s a new viral epidemic spreading among children all around the world! You need to learn how to recognize the symptoms!

Infections such as colds and the flu spread like wildfire in kindergartens. Although some kids are vaccinated against these infections, there are many that aren’t, and even those who are can’t count on full protection always as the pathogens of infectious diseases constantly mutate. This makes infections extremely difficult to contain and treat, especially if they resistant to antibiotics. The latest case of viral epidemic among thousands of children is the hand, foot and mouth disease – doctors expect a record number of infections this year.

The symptoms of the virus resemble those of fever and sore throat, but they are accompanied by itchy red spots on the feet, palms and oral cavity. In rare cases, ulcers may appear on other parts of the body like the genitals. The virus is highly contagious and spreads very easy through saliva od mucus from sick persons, which means that even a simple sneeze, kiss or handshake can infect you. This is why it spreads quickly among kids in kindergartens and schools as well as in high school and college, where students share food and drinks. The hand, foot and mouth disease is especially contagious for people with weakened immune system.

Although it sounds ominous, the virus is not so dangerous. The body needs a week or two to defeat it, and you’re required to visit a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms. Your doctor will be able to put you on an appropriate therapy which will defeat the infection easily. You should also avoid going out or in school in order not to spread the infection.

The symptoms of the hand, foot and mouth disease range from mild to severe in people with weakened immune system. In some cases, the disease may result in severe brain infections such as meningitis and encephalitis. In order to prevent the infection, you need to keep your personal hygiene at a high level and always wash your hands before eating and after visiting public places. If you noticed the symptoms of the infection, you should immediately visit a doctor and drink plenty of fluids. Of course, avoid going out or in school to protect the infection from spreading.



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