Total Cancer 42 Days Therapy Save Your Life

Tumors are usually standalone nodes that usually appear cause of presence of huge amount of pressure. And, because of this, unusual and huge amount of pressure on different parts of the human body, the tissues and the human cells can’t get the proper nutrients from the blood and they begin to die. But, the part under pressure wants to live and it defends its environment and draws everything it missed.

The total therapy against cancer

Well, the whole idea of this total cancer therapy is fasting for almost 42 days. You have to consume specific vegetable drinks and smoothies, and these, recommended, teas. So, the best way to apply this total cancer therapy is by using and making homemade vegetable juices. If you can’t make fresh organic juices, then you should buy some pure, vegetable juices, which should be specially designed for this total cancer therapy. These juices should be labeled and packed in 500 ml bottles.

So, if a person with tumor uses this total cancer therapy for 42 days, and you just drink fresh vegetable juices and teas, the tumor will disappear and the patients will continue with their normal lives. You need to drink 250 ml of this juice, with small amounts of food. Give it some time so your body can get used to it. In order to function properly, your body will need 200 – 250 ml a day from this miraculous drink. You can drink up to 500 ml of this juice, but that depends on how you feel. The best way to consume this drink is to take one spoon, slowly, don’t swallow it right away. Give it a few seconds so the juice can mix with the saliva in your mouth.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 600 ml beetroot juice
  • 200 ml of carrot juice
  • 200 ml of celery juice
  • 200 ml of white radish juice (or you can use black radish)
  • potato juice

The potato juice is extremely important ingredient in this mixture and it has amazing properties in the fight against cancer, especially liver cancer. But, if you can’t drink this type of juice, then you should consume one cup of tea, made out of potato flakes. So, how do you make this tea? It’s very simple, all you have to do is take a handful of potato flakes and boil them in 250 ml of water, for 5 minutes.

First, you need to make a fresh juice out of the mentioned vegetables. Just squeeze the veggies through a juicer and then you need to strain the liquid through a cloth or gauze. And in 250 ml should put 1 tablespoon of sediment. You can use the thick precipitate as food, because it’s hard for drinking. The cancer cells live on solid foods that people consume by eating processed foods.

Total Therapy Procedure – GUIDELINES:

Step 1: You need to drink ½ cup in the morning. Make sure you drink it slowly, immediately after you wake up.

Step 2: Drink ½ cup of sage tea, 30-60 minutes after you drink the juice.

How to make sage tea – Directions:

Put 1 tablespoon of sage into half liter of hot water and let it boil for 3 minutes on medium heat. Then, remove it from heat and add 1 tsp. of worth, mint and nursery. Then, leave it covered for 10 minutes. You should drink sage tea every day, because it contains many healthy and beneficial nutrients.

How to make a throat wash: Pour hot water over some sage leaves and leave it for 10 minutes. Mix one spoon of this mixture with 1 glass of water.

Step 3: After 30-60 minutes you need to drink ½ cup of mixed vegetable juice. This drink you should drink it immediately, but again, you should wait few seconds so it can mix with the saliva in your mouth.

Step 4: Then, after 10-15 minutes you need to drink 1-2 sips of geranium tea.

How to make geranium tea – Directions:

All you have to do is put 1 teaspoon of geranium into 125 ml of boiling water and let it sit for 10 minutes. You should consume this tea every day, sip by sip. But, make sure you don’t drink more than one cup of geranium tea.

This tea is extremely powerful and it’s absolutely necessary tool in the fight against all types of cancer. It’s especially necessary if the patient is radiant, because this contains some amount of radium in it. Note: you mustn’t put sugar or any other additives in this type of tea.

You should also remember:

You should consume the above mentioned teas and juice in the following order: first drink two or three sips of tea, and then one or two sips of juice, two or three again teas, and again juice. You need to drink them by the following order, by the end of the day.

You should drink the kidney tea for 3 weeks and then you need to take a 3 weeks break. After that, you should consume it for another 3 weeks.

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